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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates mid June



New Buds

A note from Lance... the garden has had to adjust to the new room. the temperatures and the humidity are both higher than where they were initially. the tomatoes have adjusted well and appreciate the new. the peppers are ok, they haven't really shown a liking or disliking. the lettuce doesn't like it. we need to think of a way to get them to a cooler spot. we thought they'd do ok on the bottom shelf next to the cool concrete wall, but it is just too hot. may have to move back into the living room or maybe the cool hallway. right now with the a/c is out in the entire apartment, it is difficult to find the cool spot. so that will wait for now. there are other plants that don't seem to like the heat so much. the onions are droopy. need to move them with lettuce. there is one tomato plant that was only in the grow lights and now has been placed in the sunlight as well. it has had a hard time adjusting to the hot and we're not sure it has fully come around. it may not do well. we'll have to keep an eye on it. but for the most part, the new greenhouse room has provided the extra oomf we thought it would.

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