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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

moving day

Over the weekend we moved our indoor garden into their very own sun room where we think the heat in that room (80º - 100º) will help with their growth through-out the summer.
The window still faces west like in the previous room, with afternoon/evening sun. The narrowness of the space and the white walls create a very reflective space to hot and way to bright for us to live in.
Lance and I both have our favorites as far as veggies we are growing the most of. He prefers the peppers, and I'm rooting for the tomatoes. Hopefully they'll like it in there. We've turned our one bedroom loft into a studio with a green house. Crazy right!

Here are some quick photos I took with my crappy phone. My camera was already packed and ready for a big shoot the next day so I cheated us all out of some cooler imagery. Arrrrgh!

Lance has re-adjusted the lights

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