Thursday, June 2, 2011

issues and challenges

indoor growing issues and challenges

getting enough light - we get about 4 1/2 to maybe 5 hrs of good sun through window - a lighting system is necessary to supply the extra hours needed for "full sun" - the tomato plants definitely need "full" to flower and fruit - the green pepper plants that have only received the window sun are doing ok. they are budding so that is a good sign - the jalapeno pepper plants have not grown as quickly, but the one that is under the lighting system is beginning to bud. the ones in the window sun have not responded as well - the herbs seem to be ok, the oregano especially and of course basil. none of the herbs have lighting and are growing - cilantro has been the hardest to grow so far, but given a larger pot and "full sun" it would grow better - haven't gotten the strawberries to do much. read an article today saying we should have used a hanging basket like the cactus is in. have recently moved the potted strawberries under lamp but they have yet to bud or fruit - 
space - as things grow we need more space - bigger pots = bigger space - space with proper lighting is limited - out of space at the moment - it's all an experiment - gauging the distance of the lights from the plants - the tomato likes to be close - tried to keep the rest of the plants no lower than 4 inches - not sure the lemon tree is getting enough light. the top reaching branch is near the lamp but all of the fruit is over a foot away. not sure if the fruiting branches are getting enough light. may shape it with anchors to bring the reaching branch down and "bonsai" the tree in wire.

money - is a challenge - the dirt, the pots, the seeds, the lights, the racks - but it is an investment. an investment into our health

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