What's in Season

Monday, January 30, 2012

What's on that Sandwich?

Pickled Red Cabbage!!!

We were lucky enough to receive a freshly pickled cabbage jar which I was was extremely excited about, and came up with new inventive ways to enjoy.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daffodils are all around us.

A few daffodils picked this morning

Apparently there's more than ivy growing at the new house. Daffodils seem to be all around us in every direction you can see beautiful yellow blossoms that have come up strong out of thin air.
We are happy to have you and are extremely excited about the other finds awaiting come spring.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

another great day to break bread

these two are my favorite 

Do you see these air pockets? I think that means I'm doing something right. ;) 
I cooked all day! I think about the sourdough starter I have which I usually feed on the weekend when there's time. But that gets the baking going and one thing leads to another. 

Today's menu
  1. sourdough blueberry crepes
  2. spinach & onion pizza (still working on the perfect crust) 
  3. bread and a few other things. 

The taste of a glass of cabernet with some bread and olive oil while chatting in the kitchen in the evenings brings such a happy smile to my face. So tonight while making cheese ravioli topped with fresh spinach and mushrooms in alfredo sauce & a perfect balsamic garden salad, I don't have to say there wasn't a shortage of giggles and love.  I don't know how a person can eat this much bread in such a short time. It's safe to say the excitement has taken over. Wish me luck.  

getting to know you

 I uncovered a beautiful garden 

All this life during January 

Hidden beneath all of these leaves. 

Is spring coming early this year?

hello friends 

a spot in the back by the creek

Over the Holidays

Landon's Walnut & Cranberry Bread
(click to enlarge images) 

The holidays were wonderful but capturing everything on camera... tough. I'm so grateful to have this bunch in my life.

The Art of Making Bread

I recently started baking my own bread with the help of the Mother of all Starters made by an actual baking savant (Landon). If you think it’s all so foreign the concept of making your food rather than going to the grocery store and buying it, it’s not. While searching though the internet I found myself watching countless you tube videos from all kinds of people and the truth is people have been making bread for a very long time. This is something at one time people just knew how to do… so why am I just figuring this out?
Oh well, better late than never. Here’s a few photos from my sourdough bread I made this week. I added some fresh homegrown rosemary and parm cheese for fun.
I’ve also made pizza dough, french bread, and crepes. We are really excited.

bon appétit