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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Juicing OJ & Sprouts


After watching a video on youtube about the flavor packs put into 100% natural OJ I decided to try and make our own as often as possible. Since we both have family in the sunshine state how blessed are we. 
Here's a typical amount needed to fill a full carafe. We have blood oranges and tangerines. I prefer mine at room temp because you can taste more of the flavor than when it's been in the fridge for some time. I love the colors in this photo I took in the kitchen. Window lighting is my best friend and I suggest all new photographers experiment using it to meet their goals. 


Easiest way to have healthy greens all year long. 
I'm a big fan and have been sprouting non-stop for the past two months with all kinds a seeds.
I use the jarring method and usually have 1 - 3 sitting on the counter top at a time. 
We put them on salads and sandwiches. Healthy... yummy... Grow your Food!!!  

Two tablespoons of a mixed salad blend and they are bulging out ready for eating at any stage you prefer. On this day I made salads for lunch so here they are hulls and all, and I just pinched a bit off the top, and used the salad spinner. Fast no hassle, you could actually eat the hulls with no problem. 

adding and .....

Voilà,  Bon Appetít!

Oh... here's some lentils too. 
different day... different meal still fantastic.