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Friday, January 4, 2013

Growing Within - Winter Months and DIY Hydrofarm

diy hydrofarm

set up in the dining area in front of the window. 
the shelves are holding the hydroponic DIY container, the blooming tomato and pepper plants,  some house plants, and the budding lemon tree :) 
This will be home until spring. 

UPDATE PHOTO January 14th 2013. 
See how fast we are growing! 

The peppers and tomato plants are growing so fast. See the difference between the two smaller plants in the front of the photo not in the hydroponic system and the ones that are in the system. I started them from seeds all the same day. Things grow much faster in the system. Very excited. 

UPDATE PHOTO January 26th 2013. 

Now, two are 19" tall ready to switch into individual grow buckets on Monday.
(I'll have a post on that next week.)  

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