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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cabernet Sauvignon Update

On February 26th we started our1st wine making process using a french cab by World Vineyard. There is a local wine supply store in Atlanta GA. (Wine Craft), that sells World Vineyard products and many other so we picked up a box along with a deluxe wine making kit that had everything we'd need along the way. Let me say, the owners of the shop are a friendly pair and open to answering any questions you might have so don't be shy. I called on them myself once and sent an email later on in the process. The service is fantastic! Overall it was quite easy if you followed the instructions and watch some videos they have online on Youtube. Still, to familiarize myself with the tools I decided to make a small batch of what's called "inmates brew" which I learned how to do on Craig's Tube. By purchasing a bottle of 100% grape juice, and following his video, I was able to use many of my new toys and practice on something smaller before attacking the real thing.

There were only 4 big steps in the entire process.

  1. Primary Fermentation
  2. Secondary Fermentation
  3. Stabilizing & Clearing 
  4. Bottling 

Remember this... ? Wine Day #1, that was that wonderful oak we added  ...mmmmmmm

So fast forward to present day. We are just a little shy of two months at this stage. The wine has been bottled and sat on the kitchen counter top for 5-7 days and now lies on wire shelves in my office along with my camera gear. The bottles are not included in the kit. These are ones that were saved over some time that were sanitized and washed to reuse. 
Very economical!!  

You can see the reflection from the open windows but my office is usually very dark and cool so the perfect spot for now until I make wine racks, but that's another project for some other day. Now I wait... May 1st taste testing day. 

Here I've finished the bottle off with something I recently purchased online at a lovely little etsy store. Le Box Boutique. The perfect finish to gift this bottle to a friend. ;) ;) 

Today I have to say I feel just that much closer to actually seeing my small vineyard off the coast somewhere. My advice, Find time... make wine! 

Update: This photo won a competition on Le Box Boutique's Blog

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