Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Biodynamic Winemaking

Around my early 20's I began to fantasize about owning and belonging to a wine vineyard somewhere in Spain, Italy, or France. It wasn't hard because I had been living in Germany and had visited the countries which was just a train ride away. I still like to daydream and since have brought the winemaking to my kitchen with a cabernet sauvignon and complete winemaking kit. 
Since then, I have been reading up on everything related and found something interesting called "biodynamic winemaking", and takes things a step further than "organic winemaking"

Biodynamics mixes sustainability with more celestial beliefs and takes a spiritual as well as mystical approach to conventional farming methods. The practice of biodynamics views the vineyard in its entirety as a living system. And, it's not just about the vines and grapes. It's also about the soil, compost, insects, and other vegetation and animals that inhabit space in the vineyard, all working in harmony to bring you some incredible-tasting wines.

Check out these vineyards here in the US that have been practicing biodynamics for some time now. 

Araujo Estate
Resonance Vineyards
Grgich Hills
Beckmen Vineyards
DeLoch Vineyards

Okay, so I'm not quite there yet in my kitchen but it is fun to dream, and I really like what I've taught myself this far. Who knows, maybe someday. Why not today?!

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