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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Art of Making Bread

I recently started baking my own bread with the help of the Mother of all Starters made by an actual baking savant (Landon). If you think it’s all so foreign the concept of making your food rather than going to the grocery store and buying it, it’s not. While searching though the internet I found myself watching countless you tube videos from all kinds of people and the truth is people have been making bread for a very long time. This is something at one time people just knew how to do… so why am I just figuring this out?
Oh well, better late than never. Here’s a few photos from my sourdough bread I made this week. I added some fresh homegrown rosemary and parm cheese for fun.
I’ve also made pizza dough, french bread, and crepes. We are really excited.

bon appétit 

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