Saturday, January 14, 2012

another great day to break bread

these two are my favorite 

Do you see these air pockets? I think that means I'm doing something right. ;) 
I cooked all day! I think about the sourdough starter I have which I usually feed on the weekend when there's time. But that gets the baking going and one thing leads to another. 

Today's menu
  1. sourdough blueberry crepes
  2. spinach & onion pizza (still working on the perfect crust) 
  3. bread and a few other things. 

The taste of a glass of cabernet with some bread and olive oil while chatting in the kitchen in the evenings brings such a happy smile to my face. So tonight while making cheese ravioli topped with fresh spinach and mushrooms in alfredo sauce & a perfect balsamic garden salad, I don't have to say there wasn't a shortage of giggles and love.  I don't know how a person can eat this much bread in such a short time. It's safe to say the excitement has taken over. Wish me luck.  

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