Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sprouts Baby

I have been harvesting all sorts of sprouts grown in my kitchen in a few mason jars on the counter. Have a look at these mung beans harvested today.

After 5-6 days look how long they've grown

washing / de-hulling

into the compost the hulls go

Drying- Salad Spinner on the way. 

Here are the dry beans with the freshly washed mung beans as they dry.

In the salad for lunch along with a generous dollop of homemade red pepper hummus 

You would be surprised if you didn't know anything about sprouting how easy it is to get the micronutrient rich energy from sprouting in your own kitchen. 
Most of the info I've learned I read on They are wonderful and offer plenty of useful info and videos to get you started. 
I've eaten sprouts but I never thought about growing my own until a few weeks ago. 
It's an easy way to have fresh greens all year and since our raised bed wasn't successful this seemed like the next BEST thing. 
This is something I'll commit to for life so if the mason jar method one day wears on me I'd like to buy this. EasyGreen Sprouter 

Happy Sprouting!

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