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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soul Insights 4 Soul Led Living: The "Shift" Smoothie- Good for your Body & Mind

You know how much I enjoy my green juice and juicing in general. Well, through a series of personal steps the universe and I connected with Michele Meiche who's recipe this is. Thanks Michele, Enjoy!  

Soul Insights 4 Soul Led Living: The "Shift" Smoothie- Good for your Body & Mind

The "Shift" Smoothie- Good for your Body & Mind

I am so loving this smoothie for the "Shift" ....

This smoothie is filled with nourishing delights... chock full of Blueberries and rich with Chlorella, Spirulina and a protein powder that feeds body & mind.

It is really important during this time of Ascension and Shifting that we consistently eat foods that nourish and  feed the brain, nervous system and bolster our immune system.

I am listing here the general ingredients for this smoothie.  I suggest that you individualize for yourself... keep out what you don't like & add what you do :)

Blueberry Shift Smoothie:
Start with a base of alkaline water and a couple of splashes of juice, such as orange juice 
1-2 scoops of high quality protein powder
1-2 tablespoons of Spirulina
1 -2 tablespoons of  Chlorella 
3-5 drops of Cell Food
3-4 drops of Liquid Minerals
Dash of Cinnamon
1 Banana
1 tablespoon of  Cod Liver/Omega 3 Oil and/or Coconut Oil
 1 - 2  Tablespoons of Blueberries

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  1. Hi Tania :)
    thanx so much for posting this. It is a yummy one.
    Love the info & the pictures on your blog.

    Keep Shining