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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bye-bye, till next time.

In March of this year we started our very first "indoor garden" and it was very exciting to see what we could actually achieve inside a loft apartment in the city.

We grew... 

After the move into "the green room" the tomatoes really grew taller than my 5'0" body (lol). 
BUT, they didn't produce as much fruit as they should have.  One word, Aphids!
After 4 organic treatments over the course of 2 months we finally made the decision to harvest what we could and say goodbye. 

The decision was bitter sweet, but I'd love to take this time to celebrate the shift that we are experiencing. 
We are moving into a house!!! Between August 27th - Sept. 1st we are moving our nest into a bigger space, 20mins away from downtown Atlanta to a spacious bungalow that feels like a cabin in the woods. 
Growing Within this loft has been a beautiful journey, one of the food we eat, of self-growth, attention, and in spirit. I'm excited to take our passion outside so please check back soon for updates from the garden.

With Love,
Tania & Lance

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