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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Updates from Lance

This morning I over-watered a jalapeno pepper plant in hope of  diluting the amount of nitrogen. The blossoms on the pepper plant have been dropping. Researching the dilemma has informed me that it is either getting too much heat, not enough water, or too much nitrogen. The heat could be an issue, but don’t think that it is. Although this one particular pepper plant was started completely under fluorescent lighting and then moved to fluorescent lighting plus sun. So this could be an issue, but it will have to adjust to that, I won’t be moving it again. The not enough water issue, is not the issue, I have kept it well watered and wet. It’s thirst is quenched for certain. That leaves the too much nitrogen thing. I read that if the soil has too much nitrogen, you can clear it out by over-watering, draining, over-water, drain, &c &c. However, the pot the pepper plant is in has a drain built-in that is not detachable, so I decided just to flood it and see if this can dilute the nitrogen some. Only time will tell. The jalapeno plant is the first of all the jalapeno plants to flower, so I have been hoping to see and eat some jalapenos and all their delicious hotness. Mmm… positivity mixed with pro-activity equals hope in the right direction. J

All of our tomato plants are getting huge and flowering. The fruit is coming, and our mouths are watering for them. After growing our own tomatoes and eating them, I don’t think we’ll buy any more tomatoes from the grocery store. The artificially colored red balls they call tomatoes are not even close to tomatoes compared to home-grown fresh ones. There is no comparison!!! Grocery store so-called tomatoes are grown to travel and look good upon display. They are not grown for taste and flavor. That is a shame. If you don’t grow your own tomatoes, go to your local farmers market to buy them. For a tomato purchased from the grocery store is basically the same as plastic fruit on display in your rich aunts home. And the taste is about the same.

We are growing more lettuce in hopes of more lettuce, we’ll see on that. It’s not lettuce growing season, but hey, this whole greenhouse room is meant for growing what we eat and we want to try it all whenever we want. That’s the idea. Oh yeah!
All of the other plants in our garden room are well and thriving. We’re growing more as we go. For as we go is how we grow. J how’s that for some buddha of the day?!
Peace, love and green...

Here are two links to our local farmers markets for those of you in Atlanta. 

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